So you've decided to be an Underwater City People fan . . .
by Jonny Underwater

So you've decided to be an Underwater City People fan? Well, you're in an exclusive club. You will be the first of you're friends to rock your face off to the rockinest rock steady beats of UCP. It'll make you cool with the chicks and the dudes will respect.

Maybe you're swimming in debt? Maybe you are being occupied by the 1%? Maybe your Mom and Dad think you're a gay girl because where you're from there's no other way to live. We want to remind you that there's something bigger than man, and it might be you. You should peel yourself a grape and drive your car on two wheels.
The life you save may be your own. Are you the type that sits in the back of the bar talking politics, reality and context, economics, enlightenment, how to be cognizant, and the secret to good sex? But, then you have to go back to your miserable job and buy back your free time?

Well then, you are a legitimate Underwater City Person, therefore you should like us on Facebook, before anyone else. Play Underwater Revolution to hear samples of the new album.

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